Photo of Denise sitting outside in a calm position.


WorkConnect Success Story

“I appreciated the Job Developer I worked with, and the supports provided to me. I was able to access an extensive amount of knowledge which gave me lots of encouragement. The ongoing communication helped me reframe my outlook into a more positive one. This really reduced various barriers I was facing in my job search.”

A woman in a blue dress sitting at a desk with a laptop.


Calgary Career Hub Success Story

“The odds were against me – no Canadian experience, no real work experience in the field (just projects and freelance roles). I knew it would happen, but I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to get my resume noticed. After going through the resources in the Calgary Career Hub repository, I was able to write a resume and a cover letter that got me my first role as a Cloud Engineer. It is all forward movement from here on out.”

A smiling man in a plaid shirt leaning against a wall.


“The resources I was exposed to have made me adapt seamlessly to my new role. I was able to harness the resources provided and present myself better in the job market. My short-term goal was to gain employment, which I achieved.”

Woman smiling in office


“Thank you, for assisting me in getting back to work after being unemployed for a decade. I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to train in a fast-paced environment […] and look forward to a bright and challenging future as a role model of building bridges with industry and Government in Canada for our First Nations people and open to learning new ways of coping in a tech world.”