As a job seeker, employer or partner, you can reach your employment goals with support from WCG’s innovative programs. 

In every program, you’ll form strong, collaborative relationships with our team. That personal touch will contribute to your success.

You’ll also find that our innovative approach to program development reduces costs and increases employment, benefitting everyone—individuals, organizations, governments and communities.

Service options to meet your needs

Our programs are divided into two main service options:

Workforce Development Services

WCG has been delivering workforce development programs since 1994. Our team builds strong relationships with job seekers, employers, partners and communities while delivering innovative programs to help people achieve their employment goals.

Vocational Rehabilitation Services

WCG helps individuals with health-related barriers return to work. Our tailored services consider each individual’s limitations and restrictions, and take into account their range of existing skills, training needs and cultural factors, as well as labour market conditions.


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