Calgary Career Hub

The Calgary Career Hub, designed and delivered by WCG, uses a tailored approach to help job seekers find employment. The hub provides the resources, skills, support and services individuals need to achieve their employment goals.

Job Seekers

You’ll receive the resources, skills and support needed to find and maintain employment in Calgary—at no cost to you. Our Calgary Career Hub staff know that each person’s situation is different. We’ll develop a customized plan to meet your unique needs. Whether you’re looking for your first job, have worked in the same industry for the last 15 years, or are anywhere in between, Calgary Career Hub has services to support you to get work quickly.


Calgary Career Hub connects skilled candidates with job openings in the city. To help you find the right person to join your team, you can participate in our work experience program. We’ll match a job seeker with your organization for a trial period of two weeks, at no cost to you. You can determine if the person is a good fit for your organization and the position.