Toronto Integrated 
Employment Services

Our Vision for Integrated Employment Services

A locally responsive, outcome-based employment services system that meets the diverse needs of a range of job seekers, employers, and communities.

What are Integrated Employment Services?

Integrated Employment Services, previously known as Employment Services Transformation, introduces a new service delivery model. This model combines social assistance employment services with other government employment services under Employment Ontario. The goal is to create a system that enables sustainable employment outcomes for job seekers, businesses, and local communities.

Strategic Priorities

Integrated Employment Services will support priorities that include:

  • Providing comprehensive employment services for sustainable employment. ​
  • Ensuring employment services are responsive to local community needs.​
  • Increasing labour market attachment for individuals receiving income support​
  • Aligning employment services with the skills training system. ​
  • Establishing and maintaining a competitive, accountable, and sustainable employment services system. ​

How can I get involved or continue to learn more during Transition to Integrated Employment Services?

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What is WCG’s role as Service System Manager (SSM)?

WCG’s purpose is to enable better lives and we have been delivering employment services in Canada since 1994. As SSM we are excited to work with local service providers and other community collaborators  to expand our impact on people’s lives. We focus on leading and supporting employment Service Providers to deliver the vision and strategic priorities for Integrated Employment Services in Ontario.

WCG supports the Service Provider Network, community partners, and job seekers to transition to and be successful in the new Integrated Employment Services environment. In part, this is achieved through consultation during a transition period to ensure services are tailored to meet local needs.

Integrated Employment Services will begin in Toronto on March 1, 2025, following a Transition period from  June 1, 2024.

As Service System Manager, WCG will ensure a robust mix of Service Providers is in place to deliver services to diverse communities, job seekers and employers, across Toronto. As SSM WCG is responsible  for administering Service Provider funding and agreements, building capability, and enabling partner and employment services system success through a range of tools, resources, data, and technology.

What is a SSM?

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