Olawale's journey to build a new life in Canada began in November 2022, fueled by the desire to create a better future for his family. With a successful career in customer support back in Nigeria, Olawale aimed to continue in the same field upon arriving in his new home. However, he quickly realized the need for guidance and support to navigate the unfamiliar Canadian job market, leading him to seek assistance from ACCES Employment, an Employment Ontario service provider.

After completing his intake, Olawale actively engaged in a series of webinars provided by ACCES, focusing on essential aspects like resume building, job search strategies, and interview preparation. Reflecting on this experience, he expresses gratitude, stating, "The resources I was exposed to have made me adapt seamlessly to my new role. I was able to harness the resources provided and present myself better in the job market." Olawale highlights the crucial role played by his dedicated caseworker at ACCES Employment, who consistently provided guidance and support throughout his job search journey.

Olawale's hard work and perseverance bore fruit when he received a job offer as a quality assurance clerk at First Canadian Title (FCT). This opportunity allowed him to continue his passion for working with customers and accounts, aligning perfectly with his career aspirations. Proudly reflecting on his achievements, Olawale states, "My short-term goal was to gain employment, which I achieved. I still have a long way to go and more things to achieve."

Olawale's story stands as a testament to the positive impact of ACCES Employment in providing valuable resources and support, facilitating a smooth transition into the Canadian job market and helping him achieve his employment goals.

Calgary Career Hub Success Story

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