Denise's journey with WorkConnect marks a transformative success story, illustrating resilience and triumph over the challenges she faced during a nearly year-long period of unemployment. Struggling with both financial strain and a diminishing sense of confidence, Denise took the courageous step of reaching out to WorkConnect, seeking guidance to rebuild her career path.

At the onset, Denise, a mature job seeker, confronted ageism as an additional hurdle in her job search. Her primary goal was to break free from the crisis mode she found herself in and secure stable employment to alleviate financial stress. Enter WorkConnect, where Denise was paired with a dedicated Job Developer committed to addressing her unique needs.

Through a meticulous assessment, Denise's Job Developer recognized the depth of her experience and worked collaboratively to elevate her resume to industry standards. Simultaneously, daily support played a pivotal role in reshaping her mindset, helping her overcome the negative thoughts that had become barriers to success.

Denise actively engaged in the support process, maintaining prompt communication and embracing constructive feedback. The positive rapport she developed with her Job Developer, coupled with regular check-ins, contributed significantly to a remarkable boost in her confidence.

"I felt an improved sense of self-confidence and positivity, which was one of my biggest accomplishments," Denise shared about her journey with WorkConnect.

With gratitude for the support she received, Denise acknowledges the impactful assistance she gained. "I appreciated the Job Developer I worked with, and the supports provided to me. I was able to access an extensive amount of knowledge which gave me lots of encouragement. The ongoing communication helped me reframe my outlook into a more positive one. This really reduced various barriers I was facing in my job search."

Denise's success story reached its pinnacle when she secured a full-time administrative position with the Government of Alberta. Reflecting on her achievement, she expressed, "I felt like a success because I was able to put myself out there and do my best. I got a job, and I am now able to meet my financial obligations."

Denise's journey with WorkConnect exemplifies the power of tailored support, resilience, and collaboration, turning challenges into triumphs and ultimately leading to a fulfilling and stable career.

WorkConnect Success Story

Photo of Denise sitting outside smiling and in a calm position