Mmenyene's journey in Canada began in January 2023, and her quest for employment started right away. Having initially studied in Victoria, BC, she returned to Nigeria after completing her program before resettling in Calgary. Despite her experience in the Technology industry, Mmenyene faced a challenge due to her lack of Canadian work experience. Undeterred, she was determined to avoid settling for a "survival job" and aimed to build her career based on her interests, training, and expertise.

Reflecting on her initial struggles, Mmenyene shared, "The odds were against me – no Canadian experience, no real work experience in the field (just projects and freelance roles). I knew it would happen, but I just wasn’t sure if I would be able to get my resume noticed."

In March 2023, Mmenyene joined forces with Calgary Career Hub. Together, they worked on refining her resume to target her specific field and prepared for interviews to boost her confidence. She remained open to applying for entry-level positions if needed to break into her main area of interest.

Despite facing a significant loss in her family and returning to Nigeria during the program, Mmenyene stayed committed, attending all workshops and staying in touch with her Career Advisor. Seeking help with targeted resumes and interview preparation, she emphasized, "[Calgary Career Hub] is a dedicated team of people that truly want to help you succeed. The workshops and resources are free; it only required that I show up and put in effort."

Even in the face of personal setbacks, Mmenyene never gave up. She fully engaged in the process, reaching out for support during discouraging moments. Drawing on the valuable advice and information from Calgary Career Hub's workshops and the unwavering support of her Career Advisor, Mmenyene secured a full-time position as a Cloud Engineer.

Reflecting on her success, she remarked, "After going through the resources in the Calgary Career Hub repository, I was able to write a resume and a cover letter that got me my first role as a Cloud Engineer. It is all forward movement from here on out." Mmenyene's story stands as a testament to the power of dedicated hard work and a commitment to achieving one's goals, showcasing the positive impact of support from organizations like Calgary Career Hub.

Calgary Career Hub Success Story

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