Edna's success story unfolds as a tale of resilience and determination after facing unemployment since December 2019 due to a layoff. With a significant gap in consistent employment and a desire to re-enter the workforce, Edna faced the challenge of not having worked in her desired field for many years. Keen on securing a full-time position in an office setting as an Administrator or Youth Support Worker, Edna, a parent of an Autistic child, felt it was the right time to take the plunge back into the workforce.

Despite actively searching for full-time jobs for years, Edna encountered obstacles in the form of lacking necessary computer skills and confidence. Compounded by being on income assistance, finding the right career became imperative for Edna. It was at this juncture that Edna connected with her Employment Consultant, who became instrumental in her journey toward professional revitalization.

The support Edna received from her Employment Consultant was comprehensive, including 'Prepare for employment' workshops, resume and cover letter assistance, job search support, computer skills training, essential work clothing, personal hygiene products, and financial support for commuting during her job search. Reflecting on the transformative impact, Edna exclaimed, "I feel alive, joy, and transformed!"

With the guidance of her Employment Consultant and fueled by her own determination, Edna successfully secured a full-time position as a 'First Nations Liaison Administrator' at Thompson Creek Metals, Mount Milligan. Being of First Nations descent herself, Edna is delighted to have landed a job that aligns with her passion and brings her joy.

Expressing her commitment to professional growth, Edna shared, "I bring a wealth of knowledge and skills to train in a fast-paced environment and look forward to a bright and challenging future as a role model of building bridges with industry and Government in Canada for our First Nations people. I am open to learning new ways of coping in a tech world."

Edna's journey exemplifies the transformative power of support, determination, and the right resources, showcasing her ability to overcome obstacles and secure a fulfilling career aligned with her passion.

Calgary Career Hub Success Story

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