Brian knew he was capable of more, but felt that his physical disability and speech impediment were limiting his choices. “I am appreciative of the fact that there are programs that exist that want to help people with disabilities and realize that their disabilities do not define them; that they are capable of some much more than they think they are." Brian met with a WorkBC Customized Employment Consultant who suggested various program and certifications to increase his experience. “The certificates gave me the necessary skills to have a greater impact at work. I also started to gain confidence in my abilities and see myself for what I can do, not what I struggle to do.” Through a work experience placement, Brian was able to gain the experience he needed and is now employed full time. "Even though you may have challenges in getting a job, there is a place for you and the people at WorkBC are here to help you find it, and they will not stop until they find the right job for you.”